At Rainham School for Girls we have taken into consideration all aspects of equality and diversity in our Equality and Diversity policy, which includes specific objectives in relation to access, gender, race and other protected characteristics covering a three year period.

In the planning and development stage of policy making, we will ensure that we have consulted and taken into account stakeholders views.

All improvement plans will be designed with an element of impact assessment built in to monitor the success of each activity against our equality objectives and our statutory duties, as set out in the Equality Act (2010), our Public Sector Equality Duty, our Prevent Duty and the Race Relations Act

Through the whole school processes of systematic review, equality will be monitored and any identified areas of inequality will be redressed.

Equality Date  
Equality and Diversity Policy 16th Jan 2019 Download
Equality Data 2018 16th Apr 2018 Download