Ambition Tutors

Ambition Tutors final

1. What is an Ambition Tutor?

Ambition Tutors work with students by providing A Champion for Every Child.  

Ambition Tutors may be teachers, teaching assistants, pastoral or support staff who have a passion for giving extra support to students to solve ‘life’ barriers to learning and engagement. 

The role of the Ambition Tutor is to be the advocate for students who may otherwise struggle in silence, for students who may be juggling an array of responsibilities or for students who may just need someone to believe in them.

They will also liaise between teachers and parents/ carers to ensure that as a team all those that play a part in supporting the student share the barriers and strategies between them for optimum learning and life success. 

2. How do Ambition Tutors support our students through their RSG learning journey?

Ambition Tutors get to know their students by initially creating pen pictures with their students- this aids the tutors in learning about how they feel about school, their hobbies and interests and their future aspirations. Once relationships are established, each student meets with their AT, where discussions may be centred around:

·     Attendance

·     Progress in subjects

·     Relationships

·     Your attitude to learning 

·     Careers and goals

·     Effective study habits

·     Skills and hobbies

·     Health

·     Confidence

·     Initiative

·     Leadership

·       Resilience

From these discussions, barriers are identified, incremental targets will be agreed by the student in order to give the student a focus to build on their successes. Progress against these targets is reviewed regularly, with the view to meet these targets by the end of the term.

Successes so far

Since the AT Project launch, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our teachers, students and Ambition Tutors. Here are just a few quotes from some of staff and students that reflect our successes so far:

Student testimonials:

“My tutor is extremely kind and respectful and always listens to my opinions and struggles that may be occurring when working online. She never judges me but instead gives me advice when needed. I am extremely grateful for that. I am comfortable when on the call with her and we usually laugh sometimes about a topic we can both relate to.”

 “My Ambition Tutor has helped so far by: telling me what my strengths and weaknesses are when studying from home; she has told me what I need to work on and what I am currently doing well in. She will tell me what certain parts of certain subjects that need to be upgraded and focused on more. They have helped so far by just generally listening to me!”

“Every Thursday my AT catches up with me on how I have been doing for the past week, we set targets every week that I have to complete, a few of those being completing any missing work, creating revision plans for subjects I'm struggling with and creating summaries of certain topics to see my understanding. I like that it enables me to reflect back on the things I struggle with academically, and not just dismiss them and I actually try to find a way to improve.”

Staff Testimonials:

“We can see the children blossoming and the parents are so pleased to have this 1-1 opportunity for their children”. 

“Students like the incremental targets and working in small chunks as it makes their workload more manageable”

If you would like more information, please contact Mrs K Lorriman.

Please find below a few videos introducing a few of our amazing Ambition Tutors: Mrs Jeffery, Mrs Umeadi, and Mrs Elswood. They tell us all about their role as Ambition Tutors, what they get up to and why the programme is so beneficial for our students at Rainham Girls.