Reporting your child absent:

It is appreciated that emergencies occur in all families, however, it is very important that Parent/Carers report any absence on a daily basis to our 24 hour dedicated absence line (01634 385701) before 8.30am to safeguard the whereabouts and welfare of all students  and provide written authorisation when the student returns to school. In this way absence is authorised and the school can then monitor an individual’s attendance closely.

We expect that Parent/Carer’s will make necessary dental and medical appointments whenever possible out of school time though we appreciate that this can sometime be difficult.

Student holidays taken during term time are of particular concern. Authorised leave for students during term time can only be granted in exceptional circumstances at the Headteacher’s discretion and no more than 10 days can be authorised in one academic year. In these circumstances, Parent/Carer’s should write directly to the Headteacher giving at least two weeks’ notice


Attendance and Punctuality

Aims and Objectives

At Rainham School for Girls, we expect students to attend regularly and punctually and achieve an attendance percentage of at least 96%, regular attendance is vital if students are to benefit fully from the opportunities which school offers them. The National Curriculum underlines the importance of continuity and progression in the learning process.

  • To ensure that all children attend school regularly and punctually, in order to maximise their educational achievement and social development and fulfil their legal entitlement to an education. It is a parent/carers responsibility to ensure this happens.
  • To safeguard the welfare, health, social and emotional development of children
  • To improve the life chances of the children attending Rainham School for Girls and prepare them to be fully contributing citizens when they reach adulthood.  Instilling good punctuality habits at school will prepare them for the world of work.
  • To reduce persistent absence and term time holidays/leave of absence.
  • Missing lessons not only disadvantages the absent student, but if teachers constantly need to repeat lessons for those who have been absent, this in itself delays the process of learning for everyone. Many absences cannot be avoided, but the longer the absence continues the more difficult it is to catch up.

    Attendance at Rainham School for Girls is good and we wish to encourage parents/carers to fully support the policy as a vital contribution towards their child’s education. 



Students are registered in form groups before period 1 each morning; they are then registered in every lesson throughout the day. Registration closes at 8,40am – any student arriving after this time should sign themselves in using the InVentry system, any will receive a late mark.

Planned Absence

The Academy does not issue holiday request forms; holidays during term time are discouraged and will be unauthorised.  A penalty notice can be issued on unauthorised holidays by the Local Authority. In exceptional cases a written application to the Headteacher can be made.

Reporting your child absent from School

Please call the school absence line on each and every day of the unplanned absence, stating their name, form group and the reason for their absence.   Any student who is absent without an explanation for 10 sessions (am or pm) could be referred to the Local Authority. The Attendance Officer will check registrations each morning and communicate with Parents/Carers of which children who have not been marked present and without explanation

The Law

Under Section 7 of the Education Act 1996, Parents and Carers are responsible for making sure that their children of compulsory school age receive efficient and suitable full time education.

Under Section 444 of the Education Act 1996, Parents and Carers who fail to ensure their children receive efficient and suitable full time education are guilty of an offence.

Such offences are dealt with by means of court appearance or incremental fines, per Parent/Carer and per child, and in aggravated circumstances a prison sentence could be served.

Attendance Action guidelines

All cases will be dealt with on an individual basis taking into account all the current circumstances.