Remote Learning

Google Classroom

All homework and coursework assignments will  be posted in Google Classroom, which is linked to each student's school timetable. In the event a student or group of students need to self-isolate, teachers will continue to post classwork using Google Classroom.

We know some students will have difficulty accessing technology at home and we will make sure you do not fall behind. Please contact the school if you do not have suitable online access and we will do our very best to arrange time after school for you to complete any homework assignments posted on Google Classroom.

There may be times when students wish to contact teachers directly on Google Classroom or through email. We polite remind all students this interaction should follow the etiquette guidelines and language must remain professional, polite and kind.  It is important that all students adhere to the rules and expectations at all times.

The Remote Learning - Student Guidance provides full explanation how to log onto Google, access homework and and submit work successfully. Please download a copy of the guidance below.


All Year 10 and 11 students have been given access to an online learning program called GCSE POD. The online program offers a wide range of helpful tutorials to help enhance subject knowledge and boost confidence in the run up to GCSE exams. All students are able to sign into their account by visiting and using the instructions in this guide. Please click on the quick start guidance below.


Downloads Date  
Expectations for students working online 22nd Jan 2021 Download
GCSE POD- Quick start for students 22nd Jan 2021 Download
Mental Health and Wellbeing for Students 22nd Jan 2021 Download
Student Reading Guide 25th Jan 2021 Download
Remote Learning Guide- Google Classroom... 08th Jun 2021 Download