Dress Code



In fostering a culture of high standards and expectations, we expect our students to adhere to a ‘business wear’ dress code.  Our definition of business wear is:

  • Smart plain business shirt / blouse / top

  • Tie (Optional)

  • Smart, tailored trousers / dress / skirt (knee length or just above) 

  • A smart business suit – navy, black, charcoal grey or any other dark colour. A blazer / tailored jacket with coordinating trousers / skirt may also be worn             

  • Shoes must be formal, smart and dark in colour 

  • Jackets should be in a dark colour


  • Sixth form students are permitted to wear jewellery but are asked to keep it minimal and discrete

  • Students should not have any visible piercings (other than earrings) or tattoos

  • Very short skirts and bare midriffs are not acceptable and girls’ shoulders should be covered at all times.  Clothing that is too revealing or likely to cause embarrassment must be avoided.

  • Students’ hair should be clean and well-kept

  • No clothing with obscene slogans or messages is permitted

  • No head garments (expect those worn for religious or cultural reasons)

  • No hoodies

  • No denim or leather jackets

The above list is not meant to be exhaustive but instead represents a guideline to the meaning of ‘business wear’.  If in doubt a member of the Sixth Form team should be contacted prior to any purchase to confirm the suitability of any items.

Students who do not adhere to the dress code will have items of clothing confiscated or be sent home to change.  Repeated failure to follow the rules on the dress code will be dealt with under the school’s behaviour policy.

Please note that the same dress code applies when students sit examinations.

Anyone who is felt to be inappropriately dressed will be asked to go home and change.  They will make up lost time with one of the Rainham Sixth team.  If in doubt, do not take a chance, the Rainham Sixth team are the final arbiters of dress code infringements.