Stellar Groups



We are a fully inclusive school and offer a personalised curriculum providing support for the needs of all our students. This includes challenging the most able and supporting those who find learning more difficult. As part of this curriculum, we have embedded Stellar and Phoenix groups within each year group for our most able students.



This is an exciting opportunity for students joining us to be a part of one of our Stellar groups at Rainham School for Girls. These groups are similar to "grammar streams" offered in other schools. Students identified as suitable for a Stellar group will follow a more challenging, rigorous curriculum.

During Year 6 induction all students will take Cognitive Ability Tests, and these results will help us to identify ability groups for all students. We will also use these results, along with KS2 results, to identify which students will be suited to the Stellar and Phoenix groups.

The Stellar groups at Rainham School for Girls are those students who achieve highly in their CATS testing, Key Stage 2 testing and Accelerated Reader testing and are placed on a specific programme to stretch and challenge them. This is an excellent opportunity for many students to broaden their cultural awareness.  The Phoenix group has been added to the curriculum for those students who show the potential to possibly move into Stellar in their education.  They follow the same challenging curriculum as Stellar at the appropriate pace. 


Parents will be notified during the summer holidays if their daughter has been selected for one of the Stellar or Phoenix groups.