We pride ourselves on offering an education that balances academic challenge, support for each individual and an innovative and exciting curriculum. Our students develop their talents in creative and academic areas and we cater for students of all abilities, from those who lack confidence to the highest achievers who remain in our sixth form and progress to university.

In Year 7 classes are organised to support students' abilities, including two new fast track "Stellar" groups aimed at the most able and following an accelerated curriculum. Our transition arrangements are second to none. Before transferring we liaise closely with primary schools to ensure students are placed appropriately for their individual development. Our well qualified, experienced staff and excellent facilities support your daughters in developing their potential.

Pastoral care is equally important to us. Relationships within school are very good with high expectations of behaviour firmly based in a tradition of mutual respect. We are committed to ensuring success for all and very much value partnership with parents. 

Arrange a visit, you will not be disappointed.

Year 6 into Year 7 Transition

Applications to join as a new Year 7 in September, should be made via Medway Council by completing the secondary common application form (SCAF) and returning it to the Student Services Admissions Team.  Alternatively an application can be made on-line at\onlineadmissions.  Please ask for advice from Medway Council if you are applying for a Year 7 place late in the process.

If you have not been allocated RSG and would like your daughter to attend, you are able to join our waiting list and you have the right to an Independent Appeal.  If you wish to do this, please complete and return the forms provided by Medway Council and return them directly to us.  If you have any queries, please contact the School Office.

In-Year Admissions

Applications for year groups other than the normal point of entry should be made directly to the school.  

Please click here to access an Application Form

Please click here to access a SIF Form

Completed forms should be returned directly to Rainham School for Girls, this can be done via email.  Application outcomes will be confirmed in writing no later than 15 school days from receipt of application.

If the number of applications for the school, in any year, is more than the number of places available, the oversubscription criteria (as per our Admissions Policy) will be applied. The same oversubscription criteria will apply if the school is in a position to offer a place from the Waiting List.

For casual admissions and entry to year 12, the distance will be measured by an appropriate web mapping service using the walking option. There is no expectation for the child to walk the route calculated and it is a measure of distance for admissions purposes only.

In the event that your application is unsuccessful and you would like to pursue an appeal, please click here to access an Appeal Form

If you would like to arrange a tour of the school or have any queries regarding the admissions process please contact the School Office.

Telephone: 01634 362746


Please click here for information on stellar groups

Please click here for the Admission Policies