School Therapy Dog


'Eden helps students to relax, reduces their stress levels and supports them to talk through how they feel. Eden has had a transformative effect and really boosted the confidence of some of our students - she is an asset to our team and loved by our school community!' - Mr Eason, Designated Safeguarding Lead


Eden was born on Saturday 1st June 2019. She is a cockapoo who is in training to become our school dog and is set to become an integral part of our school community. Rigorous research has been carried out to ensure that we have selected the most suitable breed of dog for our school, pupils and staff.  We have chosen to have a cockapoo. Research shows that cockapoos are people-oriented, are intelligent enough to train easily, hardly shed, forgive quickly, and are very affectionate. Prior to purchasing Eden, Ms Jenkins visited the home of the breeder to ensure that the puppy’s temperament and that of its parents, was suitable for interaction with children.  Eden now lives with Ms Jenkins and has already begun her first set of puppy classes and in time, we plan to include specialist training in order for her to fulfil her special role. 

How could Eden improve my daughter’s experience at this school?

The presence of a dog in an educational setting can support cognitive development: concentration, attention, motivation, and relaxation and helps reduce high stress levels, which inhibit effective learning and performance. She can help develop many essential characteristics that we would all like to improve in our children in areas such as:

Reading and literacy development. Research has shown that reading aloud to dogs can help students develop literacy skills and build confidence, through both the calming effect of a dog’s presence as well as the fact that a dog will listen to a student read without judgement. 

Emotional and mental health development. As your daughter enters adolescence she may have a higher need for emotional support. Studies have shown that school dogs can improve self-esteem, and improve mental health. Stroking a dog can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which leads to calm and relaxed state.  A school dog can promote self-esteem; reduce anxiety and improve self-worth.  She will be a friend to anyone who needs one.

Physical development. Interaction with a school dog reduces blood pressure, provides tactile stimulation, assists with pain management, gives motivation to move, walk and stimulates the senses.

Social development. A school dog will provide positive mutual topics for discussion; she will encourage responsibility and focused interaction with others. A school dog will also increase the sense of community within our school and will help different year groups interact.



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