School Therapy Dog

Eden's Journey 

We are delighted to be able to introduce all of you to a new member of staff who we will be welcoming into Rainham School for Girls.

Eden was born on Saturday 1st June 2019. She is a cockapoo who is in training to become our school dog and is set to become an integral part of our school community. Rigorous research has been carried out to ensure that we have selected the most suitable breed of dog for our school, pupils and staff.  Research shows that cockapoos are people-oriented, are intelligent enough to train easily, hardly shed, forgive quickly, and are very affectionate. Eden is all of these…

Eden lives with Ms Jenkins and has already begun her first set of puppy classes.  In time, we plan to train her to become a fully qualified  Therapy Dog. The presence of a dog in an educational setting can support concentration, attention, motivation, and relaxation and helps reduce high stress levels, which inhibit effective learning and performance. 

Below are just some pictures from when she was tiny to now, still quite tiny but much more blonde!


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