Severe Weather Arrangements

Severe Weather Arrangements

In the event of severe weather Rainham School for Girls will endeavour to remain open where possible. If the school site is inaccessible or if students cannot make it in to the school, we will be using a cloud based service to allow students to work from home.

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When severe weather is expected the following guidelines should be noted:


Any decision relating to changes to the school opening times will be added to the school website. The school site will be assessed and an announcement will be added to the website and our social media platforms by 6.30am. Parents and students should check the website regularly for further updates.  

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If weather conditions deteriorate during the school day, we will contact parents via text to inform them of the situation.  Students will be kept fully informed of the decision and guidance given as to the next steps.


Transportation and reporting an absence

Parents are advised to check transportation information if their son/daughter travels by public transport.  If the school is open and your son/daughter cannot get in due to the weather, parents should telephone the school to report their  absence.