KS3 Curriculum

The curriculum at Rainham School for Girls supports the aims, ethos and values of the school by:
• promoting the intellectual, aesthetic, moral, physical and social development of all students
• providing opportunities for the creative and performing arts to make a contribution to the education of young people
• ensuring that equality of opportunity in access to the curriculum is an entitlement
• ensuring that extra-curricular activities play an important part in school life
• providing students with every opportunity to be happy and successful learners

The academy provides a broad, balanced and innovative curriculum; with a firm focus on Mathematics, English and Science for all students.  To stretch the more able an accelerated curriculum is offered.   In 2012 OFSTED reported that “The curriculum is innovative and meets students’ needs and helps to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well”.

Our taught curriculum is delivered through a two week timetable with each day divided into periods of 60 minutes; an additional 5 minutes are included in period 5 for the purpose of PM registration.

The Stellar groups at Rainham School for Girls are those students who achieve highly in their CATS testing and are placed on a fast track programme to stretch and challenge them.  The girls follow an extended curriculum and attend 2 extra morning sessions per fortnight; they begin these lessons at 8.30am on 2 mornings.  In addition to following a more advanced curriculum, Stellar students also study three separate sciences and German language.  This is an excellent opportunity for many students.  Should individuals struggle to maintain the pace, not exhibit the work ethic, or behavioural expectations of Stellar, students can be moved to the mainstream curriculum.

The Phoenix group has been added to the curriculum for those students who show the potential to possibly move into Stellar in their education.  They follow the same challenging curriculum as Stellar at the appropriate pace.

For students who may need additional support our SEND faculty provide a more specific support programme tailored to individual needs.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 Option Blocks

Year 11 Option Blocks

(Option blocks from 2016-2018. 2017-2019 will be published shortly)

Key Stage 4 begins in year 9 when students begin to follow the first option choices during a transition year.  During years 10 and 11 the students timetables become increasingly personalised and focus on the needs of the individual.  Throughout all option choices students are guided towards choices from a broad range of options that will meet their needs.  The focus remains on students achieving their potential in Mathematics, English and Science accompanied by a demanding and wide range of subjects for each student.  KS4 options enable students to choose personal pathways which could include all GCSEs or a mixture of GCSEs and vocational qualifications.

An example of the  Key stage 4 optional subjects are:

Art - Fine Art, Art - Graph Comm, Business, Child Development, Dance, Drama, DT - Product Design, Film and Media, Food, French, Geography, German, Health & Social Care, History, Hospitality, ICT, Music, PE, Psychology, Public Services, RE, Sociology, Spanish, Textiles, Travel and Tourism.

Key Stage 5

Year 12 Option Blocks

Year 13 Option Blocks

As a non-selective school, we are keen to ensure we offer a truly comprehensive sixth form. Our broad and balanced curriculum caters for diverse interests and abilities through personalised pathways. We offer a variety of A-levels, Applied A-levels, BTEC Nationals and GCSE retakes in English and maths providing progression from Key Stage Four.

Subjects offered include:

Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Dance, Drama, English Language and Literature, English Literature, Fashion and Clothing, French, Film studies, Finance, Geography, Graphic Communications, Health and Social Care, History, ICT, Law, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy and Ethics, Photography, Physics, Psychology, Physical Education, Sociology and Travel and Tourism.

Students have their own personalised pathways and are expected to study 4 A-levels in year 12 and either 3 or 4 in Year 13.  The students’ curriculum is then further enhanced with opportunities to study other qualifications such as the extended project, sports leaders or General Studies.    At the end of year 12 students will undertake a work experience programme to help prepare them for the transition onto university or into the work place.  To ensure our sixth formers achieve their potential in their academic study we provide the opportunity for both structured and independent study to help them achieve the highest grades. Those students who failed to secure a grade C in English and Maths in key stage 4 are allocated extra Maths or English GCSE lessons. 


To obtain more information about Rainham school for girls curriculum please contact Deputy Head teacher J Hadlow