Posted on: February 9th 2022

Year 8 Enterprise Day

The Inspirational Learning Group were invited to run an Enterprise Day for all students in Year 8 the theme of the day was Thorpe Park. Students were in small groups and had to design a new Thorpe park ride. It was to include what activities would be used to keep the queue engaged while they were waiting, what age group would be targeted, design advertising material and logo, including any merchandising to be sold in the gift shop.

Quite a task.

However, most of the students fulfilled the brief and many were amazing creative. Some even braved the stage to present to the whole year group.

An excellent way to hone those employability skills so prised by employers: team working, problem solving, self management, resilience, communication and presentation skills.

The brave ones earned prises, but everyone did really well. Congratulations Year 8.