Posted on: February 11th 2022

Half-Term Fun

A quick sweep around the IRC this morning to ask students what they are doing over the half-term turned up some exciting holiday plans! It seems people are taking the opportunity to get out and about after the many months of Covid restrictions.Phoebe Year 11 - Starting her first part-time job!

Lucy Year 11 - Going to New York for her friends 18th Birthday celebrations.

Taylor Year 11 - Trip to London for a family visit

Abigail Year 11 - Go-Karting for a friends birthday

Millie Year 11 - Seeing the musical Hairspray

Grace Year 9 - Cinema visit

Katie Year 9 -  Family trip to Hastings

Lilly year 11 - Visiting Iceland to see the Northern Lights and Ski

Victoria Year 7 - might be going to America