Posted on: January 17th 2022

Katie, RSG Alumni - Vet nursing student at Middlesex Univeristy

Katie left RSG at the end of year 11 and now attends Middlesex University, Veterinary Nursing Level 3 Course. Katie also works part time for Medway Maritime Hospital as a Health Records Clerk. 

Mrs Gardner said Katie had a lot of help and support as she was borderline dyslexic whilst at RSG, and she has just been reassessed as an adult and it has returned that she is strongly dyslexic. I hope that this will help and encourage other children that maybe struggle with this in their school lives. Katie never imagined that she would undertake a higher level degree but I think with the right help and support from yourselves college and now university she is exceeding all of her expectations. I would like to thank you for being playing a huge part in her journey. 

We wish Katie every success.