Admissions for 2020

Consultation on a change of age range at Rainham School for Girls



Rainham School for Girls together with the Governing Body and The Kemnal Academies Trust is seeking the views of parents, staff and other stakeholders on a proposal to permanently change the age range of the school from 11-18 years to 4-18 years; this would mean the school would admit Primary aged children for the first time for September 2020, starting with the year R intake.

We are keen to explore with stakeholders the concept of single sex primary provision, which we feel is an exciting prospect that will enable us to not only focus on the best learning strategies for girls, but will ensure that they have the chance to explore all aspects of learning, challenging stereotypes.

This document is part of a six week consultation process which opens on Friday 23rd November and closes on Friday 4th January, and runs alongside a consultation for our 2020 Admission Policy which has been updated to reflect the addition of primary provision.



Rainham School for Girls is one of the highest performing non selective Secondary schools in Medway. The outcomes for young people demonstrate that students learn and achieve exceptionally well in the school’s current secondary setting.

TKAT have a proven track record in providing excellent primary education, overseeing the educational teaching and learning in 30 primary schools across the South of England with the children in these schools making outstanding progress during their time with us.



Rainham School for Girls is proposing to change the age range to 4 to 18, beginning with admitting year R students in 2020, and building on this by adding the new year R each year to become fully all-through in 2026.

The school is looking to extend our current provision to Primary age children to further improve their life chances and enable them to access the outstanding provision our school offers; the promotion of opportunity for all types of learner, from any background, is of paramount importance to us. 

Transition to a new and larger school can be a difficult experience for young people and the school believes that learners would achieve better in all aspects of their life, if they had the chance to move from Primary to Secondary education more fluidly. The offer to extend our all-inclusive wrap around provision to Primary age children is an exciting one. The biggest impact of extending the school’s age range would be on a pupil’s learning journey.  The school’s ethos of high expectation and aspiration, in addition to having a common learning language from the age of 4 through to 18 will significantly increase a pupil’s progress path, leading to successful, well rounded young people.


How it would work

We have given careful consideration to the complexities of adding younger pupils to our site, and the benefits of this to both the younger students, and the secondary age students.  We have identified an area within school that can be refurbished and designed to specifically cater for year R to 6 in a setting that will give the benefit of a primary feel, whilst being integrated into the larger school site.  We are working with Primary specialists within TKAT to ensure that the environment, teaching and all round experience is designed to offer an outstanding provision that leads seamlessly into the secondary phase of the school.  Our existing specialist staff will be able to offer bespoke lessons to younger students, further cementing the links with the secondary staffing and provision. The quality of the secondary provision will continue to be a priority, and will be further enhanced by closer links to year 6 curriculum and the improved Teacher training, recruitment and retention that will be a direct result of a change to an all-through setting.

Following the end of the consultation period, further information will be available on this page regarding the logistics and the finer details about how it would work, answering any questions that are raised in response to the consultation.


Admissions Policy

The proposed admission policy for 2020 is available here. The only change to the policy is to reflect the proposed additional point of intake.  The proposed change of age range will not affect the admission arrangements for entry into Year 7 until 2027, when it is anticipated that pupils in our year 6 will be given priority in the oversubscription criteria, with places being available to external applicants until capacity is reached.  Consultation on those changes to the admission policy will be undertaken separately at the appropriate time.  If the proposed changes do not go ahead, the admission policy for 2020 will be determined unchanged from that of 2019.


How to give your views on the proposal

You can give us your views on this proposal by:

  • completing our online survey on this link:
  • sending the response form to C.Lee, Rainham School for Girls, Derwent Way, Gillingham, Kent. ME8 0BX
  • emailing your comments to, for the attention of C.Lee
  • handing your response form in at the school office.
  • if you wish to ask any questions about the proposed change of age range, please email the school:, for the attention of C.Lee


What happens next?

There is a six week consultation process which concludes on Friday 4th January. 

When all of the comments and feedback that we receive have been carefully considered, the School, the Governing Body and The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT) will decide whether to submit a business case to the Department for Education, who will then consider the proposal and make a final decision about whether the proposed change of age range can go ahead.  We will update this page with further information and publish any decision as soon as it has been made.


The consultation letter including the above information is available to download here.