CV Help

Rainham School for Girls – Careers – CV Help

Personal details: full name, address, post code, email address, home telephone number, mobile telephone number, present school year

NB use a professional email address e.g. Susansmith

No fancy fonts or borders

Don’t put your photo

On white paper

Opening statement: put the crucial bits in here

Current employment, going backwards

List duties and achievement

No ‘I like socializing with my friends’ etc.

Personal statement - is your chance to sell yourself, and help you put across the specific skills that make you perfect for the position/course. It is one of the most important parts of your CV, and a well written personal statement can mean the difference between standing out from the crowd and your application being rejected.

  1. Max 150-200 for personal statement [below is 100 words]
  2. what you can offer
  3. what you’re aiming for in your career
  4. written in the first person (I am a ...)
  5. specific to the post/course you are applying for

e.g I am applying for the post of part-time dance teacher. I am a qualified dancer and have performed in a number of productions. I have qualified teacher status and I want to work in education as a dance teacher. I am particularly interested in using dance to support younger special educational needs students, particularly those with additional physical issues. I have worked in three special schools as a volunteer and I have designed and delivered movement lessons for children aged 3 to 5 years. I assist the principal of a local dance academy with after school classes for secondary age students.

Any work experience

Name, type of work, dates, your duties/responsibilities – be brief

  1. start with the most recent
  2.  Emphasise the skills and experience you have gained across those jobs (for example, skills in dealing with customers or communication skills).

Education - qualifications and training

Include any qualifications and training from any source (for example, training in health and safety or a certificate in food hygiene). Put the most recent first.

School name and dates attended

  1. GCSE courses taken and grade achieved
  2. Other KS4 courses taken and level/grade achieved
  3. Any other certificates or qualifications


Your hobbies and leisure activities can highlight responsibilities and skills that are relevant to the post you’re applying for. Perhaps you belong to a club or a society which you organize activities for, or you use leadership skills or teamwork.

e.g. At school I volunteered at a number of community events, for example I helped senior citizens to learn how to use information technology. I learned how to communicate difficult ideas in a simple, easy to understand way and I was able to put them at their easy. These are skills I will be able to use with the children I teach.

You may belong to the school council, helped with charity fund raising, been form representative, a sports captain, an ambassador, a tour guide, a silver surfer tutor, been in a drama production or in a sports team.

These are some skills you may have acquired (say where and how they were acquired)

Planning and organisation, communication (written and verbal), reliability, team work, initiative/self-motivation, time management, flexibility.

How to construct a CV

Perfect grammar and spelling    (don’t use boxes like these)



Full first and last name – not shortened




Home No.



Mob. No.



School and age



Personal statement



Employment/work experience history

e.g babysitting

Most recent first

In list/bullet point style


Education – qualifications and training

Where and dates

In-school qualifications and out of school qualifications if they are relevant

e.g. an umpiring award if you are applying for a job in the sports career area


If they are relevant (not ‘I like socializing with  my friends’) highlight skills like ‘teamwork’



You will need 2 references

One will be the school, the other could be a teacher or another adult who knows you